Life Coach: Carolyn Jean Davis

Thank you for your interest in the Unhackable Emotions Coaching Program!

You experienced the book, now go more in-depth and experience the course and coaching with Coach Carolyn.

Who: Those who want to break free from their emotional chains of pain

 What: This will be live coaching with me.

  • I will work with you for three months. You will receive three one on one coaching sessions, one per month.
  • I will offer group coaching via a mastermind group for a total of five masterclasses.
  • I will include the Elixir Project Experience, a 30-day course of #1 Bestselling Author Kary Oberbrunner. This course was designed to help you experience unhackability in work and life. You will have lifetime access to this course.

When: The online coaching takes place quarterly and consists of three one-on-one sessions, one each month, and five group masterclasses to be held on Fridays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Central time.

Where: All our sessions will be virtual and accessible from the convenience of your home.

Why: Can the below statements each be on a separate line like listed below? Thanks!

  • To identify how your emotions are hacking you and keeping you from being all you can be.
  • To identify and then clarify your goals/dreams.
  • To develop your unique plan for bringing your goals/dreams to fruition.

How: Individual and group coaching

Life Coach: Carolyn Jean Davis

Elixir Project Experience of Kary Oberrunner

Daily Video Training Retail Value $997
Exclusive Training Webinars Retail Value $997
Exclusive Project Experience Guidebook Retail Value $497

Life Coaching

One on One Coaching Sessions Retail Value $750
Group Coaching via Mastermind Group Retail Value $625

Valuable Bonus Items

Breaking the Chains of Addictive Eating Retail Value $397
Ticket to the Unhackable Book Club Annual Reunion Retail Value $69
Lifetime Private Coaching Community Priceless

Total Retail Value (with all the bonuses)



Johnnie Parrish

“Since being a part of the Unhackable Emotions Coaching Program, I have become more aware of my emotions/behaviors that stand in the way of me becoming all that GOD desires for me. Through Carolyn’s coaching, I’ve learned to go deeper in finding the source of hindering/hacking behaviors. The Unhackable Emotions program has been beneficial in helping me to live free and pleasing to GOD. This will be an ongoing process. I feel blessed to have the information from our Coaching sessions.”

Arlene Cattage

“I’ve had the immeasurable pleasure of being coached by Carolyn Davis in her Unhackable Emotions Program. Through Carolyn’s coaching, I am able to really delve into myself, discovering what my obstacles are. I particularly love how she is God-led and Spirit-led in her coaching. As a result of our meetings (Master Mind Sessions and One on One Sessions), I feel I am truly on the path of being who God wants me to be. Thanks, Carolyn, for your compassion, knowledge, and professionalism.”

Ella Harris

“In these times of a pandemic, life is, to say the least, challenging; to say the most, it’s been life-altering. The world is experiencing unmeasurable loss. In the thick of all of this loss, I found a new perspective. I found “Unhackable.” Introduced to me by Carolyn Davis, “Unhackable” is a program that encourages a look into what is holding hostage my attention, skills, talents, and the completion of dreams through a 30-day journey. Unhackable invites me to move past my fears and focus on what is most important; using time wisely. I am on the Unhackable journey, and the journey challenges me to recognize when I am being hacked and rebound quicker. In this time of isolation, Carolyn Davis is a voice crying in the wilderness. Lowlier moments and times of discouragement are met with great enthusiasm from Carolyn Davis and her words of wisdom, “Get up, move forward. It’s time to go (Philippians 3:13).” I can hear the Elixir words of Carolyn, in opposition to the other voices; The voices that strive for my attention tirelessly working at dragging me away to “The Neverlands”. Yet I am confident of this one thing… Philippians 1:6). Thank you, God, for using Carolyn as a vessel to lead me to you and back to you, again and again. May God bless Carolyn Davis. All praises to God Almighty, Amen.”

Louise Dixion-Bailey

“The Unhackable Emotions Coaching Program has taught me that life can be messy, but it’s through your mess where you will find yourself being victorious. We are all striving to be more and more like Christ every day by breaking one chain at a time. I’ve learned to live with a purpose. Because of this class, I feel free in who I am and where I want to be. This program will help you define those hidden things that hinder you from achieving your goals and understanding God’s plan for your life. Unhackable – what’s stopping me from living out God’s purpose for me? Unhackable Emotions is the kind of coaching program that will help you answer those questions that have been tucked away inside of you.”

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