Carolyn Jean Davis is a passionate, energetic, inspiring, and knowledgeable speaker. She connects with her audiences, uplifts them and is helping them break the chains of their pain and live life excited and free.


CJD: Garden of Gethsemane Teaching

Carolyn Jean Davis taught on Gethsemane at the actual Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem on August 6, 2018. This opportunity was during a tour of the Holy Land! Watch now. Enjoy!

Carolyn Jean Davis taught at a workshop on the Roles of the Husband and Wife for JC is the Way Ministries, Inc. at their Family Awareness Day in November 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. Watch now. Enjoy!

Speaking/Counseling Experience:

  • Instructor for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. since 2010
  • Certified Instructor under the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. since 2011
  • On Faculty for the Chicago Baptist Institute International in Chicago, Illinois since 2013
  • Sunday School teacher since 1998
  • Counseling since 2003
  • Certified Biblical Counselor since 2004

Some of the Various Teaching Assignments:

At the Chicago Baptist Institute International

  • The Pauline Epistles
  • The General Epistles
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Home/World Missions
  • Apologetics
  • Baptist Doctrine

At the National Congress of Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention, Inc. USA

  • How to Start a Christian Counseling Ministry
  • Advanced Christian Counseling Techniques

For JC is the Way Ministries, Inc. Family Events

  • What Forgiveness is and Is Not Webinar Part 1
  • How to Forgive Webinar Part 2
  • The Consequences of Un-Forgiveness Webinar Part 3
  • How to Handle Anger Webinar
  • Forgiving Others: Leaving the Baggage of Past Hurts Behind Workshop
  • The Role of the Husband and Wife Workshop

At Christian Leadership Schools

  • How to Survive in an Angry World
  • Ministering to the Wounded in the Pews
  • How to Make Love Outside the Marriage Bed

What Students are Saying About My Teaching:

  • “I just want to personally thank you for your devotion to the teachings of this class through the Word of God. You have been a dynamic instructor, and God through you has truly helped me. It has been a blessing being here this week.” L. Brown (National Congress)
  • “Ms. Davis, thank you for being such an inspirational instructor. You will always be remembered! May God continue to bless you!” J. Edwards (National Congress)
  • “Thank you so much for the gift God put in you. May God bless you in all you do and wherever you go.” F. Sneed (National Congress)
  • “You are an amazingly wonderful teacher! Stay on the wall and be bold for Christ!” L. Theus (Leadership School)
  • “Four days of very good teaching, I’ve learned so much.” Deacon in training, D. Brewer (Leadership School)
  • “You have been a true inspiration, rightly teaching the Word.” C. Alexander (Leadership School)
  • “Ms. Davis you are a strong instructor. Love 4 ever.” D. Lyons (Bible College)
  • “Thank you for the knowledge, wisdom and spiritual growth that I gained in your class.” Minster R. Craig (Bible College)
  • “I shall never be the same.” G. Jackson (Bible College)
  • “Thank you so much for being such a great and knowledgeable instructor. I had such a good time in your class and was able to learn a lot. God bless you.” R. Eva (Bible College)
  • “Thank you for helping me to walk closer to God.” Rev. W. Smith (Bible College)