Welcome to Chain Breakers, the Community to Break Free!

Amazing people who are serious about breaking free from their emotional of pain and people-pleasers make up this group.

Who are those in the Chain Breakers Community?

Those who want to break free from their emotional chains of pain & people-pleasers who want to break free of the need to please when squeezed.

What is the Chain Breakers Community?

A membership group defined as informative, supportive, and collective

When does the Chain Breakers Community Meet?

We provide daily posts and prompts:

Mindset Monday: The focus is on changing mindsets/thinking patterns and renewal of the mind.

Teach Me Tuesday: A practical mini lesson on a topic related to breaking free from bondage.

Workmanship Wednesday: Members post about how God is working in their life

Talkback Thursday: Members report, via post, on how the week is going and receiving direction if needed.

Freedom Friday: Content and encouragement broadcasted via live stream.

Shoutout Saturday: A community praise party to praise the Lord and thank Him for what He did for us during the week.

Serve Him Sunday: A sharing of practical ways to serve the Lord.

Where does the Chain Breakers Community Meet?

Why Join the Chain Breakers Community?


Members will be provided with FREE practical, helpful, and relevant information related to people-pleasing and how to break free.


This group will be able to support and get support from many like-minded people who are going through the same thing.


This community/shared space by all members is a safe place for asking questions, seeking help, sharing your wins, and struggles.

Why join the Chain Breakers Community

Carolyn is the Chain breaker that People pleasers go to for tools and strategies that actually work, so they can be free to be who God created them to be. It would help if you had someone you can count on when it comes to setting people free. She is someone to help you!

Join her Chain Breakers Community on Facebook and receive FREE practical, helpful, and relevant information about people-pleasing and how to break free.