New Book Coming Out in the Spring of 2024!

“Squeezed to Please: 6 Steps to Quit People-Pleasing and Find Freedom in Christ” by Carolyn Jean Davis

Publisher: Author Academy Elite
2024-4-27 New Book Coming Out!

Why I Wrote Squeezed to Please

About the Author

Carolyn Jean Davis, CEO of Excited Free Living, LLC, is a speaker, author, and coach who helps people-pleasers break free, live free, and serve free to become a chain breaker and experience freedom and help set others free. She has over 26 years of experience in teaching people how to break the chains of pain. She lives in Chicago with her husband. They have two adult sons.

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About the Book

Squeezed to Please: 6 Steps to Quit People Pleasing and Find Freedom in Christ – Coming Soon


Pain has a way of squeezing us and brings to the outside what is inside us. Have you ever been squeezed? If so, what comes out of you? How do you respond to life squeezes? Do you want to get to the root of your pain and deal with what squeezes you in God’s way? This book is for you.

Everybody has pain, but not everybody goes to God to deal with it. Outside of God, we run to things that are unfulfilling or that enslave us as we try to deal with that pain. In Squeezed to Please, a middle-aged woman was a people pleaser who lived for approval from people to escape the pain of rejection, taking her to a place of destruction and bondage. Looking to God for healing and realizing her approval was in Him, she began to refocus on Him and all He had to offer. He healed her pain, and now she lives life excited and free.

Join author Carolyn Jean Davis as she shares how you too can:

✦ Get to the root of your pain.
✦ Identify core beliefs that feed your approval addiction.
✦ Learn practical ways to break free from people-pleasing.
✦ Tap into the right power source for ultimate healing.

Life will squeeze you, and when it does, what’s in you will come out of you. When you allow God to work in you, taking out what is not of Him and replacing it with what is of Him, the things of God will come out of you. Within this book’s pages, you will find relief and help to break free of the need to please people when squeezed and live life excited and free.

Carolyn is the essence of Squeezed to Please. As this book’s author, she has endured the level of conflict she writes about, found relief, and broken free of her need to please people. As a veteran of these struggles, she has applied godly advice and wisdom to herself and found them to be successful.

Carolyn has incorporated this book’s practical steps on breaking free from people-pleasing in both counseling and teaching. Those who have gained knowledge by attending her various seminars, workshops, and conferences on this topic have been helped and can’t wait to read this book.

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What Our Clients Say About Me


Jacquenette King

The author provides excellent insight into conquering people-pleasing. This book offers practical, applicable steps one can use to overcome people-pleasing. The principles highlighted can be utilized to overcome any sinful practice.

While reading, I anticipated what the next step or chapter entailed. I wanted to learn more about the author’s story. The book includes insightful reflection questions throughout the text and at the end of chapters. The concepts presented helped me to reflect and evaluate my own life, identify sinful barriers, and seek to overcome them. This process motivates individuals to do what pleases God and end actions that hinder one’s progress. I was encouraged to rid myself of things that hinder my walk and the ability to make God a priority.

I look forward to reading this book in its’ entirety and using it as a resource tool for my counselee’s.

Karen Bell

Hello, my Sister, I want to thank you for taking the time to pin this book for the world to see your transparency and commitment to our Father.

Carolyn, many people, could not have been this vulnerable and transparent as you were in this chapter. I was once told that truth does not need any help. One can see the root of the pain and the solution to the problem when you look at the Word of God.

When one understands the word (Rejection) used, they can see and put themselves in each one of those definitions. If the first one is not applicable, the next one will say that’s where I live. I think this book’s importance is to see where people live and direct to where they can live unshackled through Jesus Christ, to allow them to have a full-size mirror of where their heart lives. I remember the very first counseling session you and I had. You painted the picture very clearly when you said, “what is in man’s heart? There you will find the true idol! What is the motive of the heart? That statement always surfaces when I’m doing something. It reminds me of where my heart should be.

Carolyn, thank you for allowing me to understand what rejection means. I intended to read it through the lenses of which you wrote it. I can see the intent of the writer. You allowed me to walk through what you experienced and thank you for your shared heartfelt exposure. I love your heart filled tears and expressions of love; thank you.

Keep up the Kingdom work. God is pleased with your honesty and constant reminders of how one can be released from being a people-pleaser through Him Amen.

It’s about Him even when we’re being squeezed that He may be glorified. Love you, Sis.

Janie Miller’s


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